Why Spinal Ligament Testing is So Important to Motor Vehicle Accident Patients!

The importance of spinal ligament testing is to quickly determine if a spinal sprain has occurred due to the vehicle collision. Ligaments hold the spine together and when they are injured it is called a spinal sprain. The neck is a very flexible part of the spine and therefore makes it very susceptible to injuries from sudden movement, such as what may be experienced in a car collision. Whiplash, a common injury resulting from a car collision, may be a sprain or strain of the neck. This sprain or strain occurs when the ligaments stretch or tear, causing the vertebra to misalign. This type of injury can cause chronic pain and long term health problems if not treated accurately and early. Therefore, to reduce the possible risk of chronic pain from the actual injury, spinal ligament damage should be tested for early on in care. Dr. Philip Roberts and Dr. John McMurry from Roberts Chiropractic Center have teamed with Dr. Jeffrey Cronk from Spinal Kinetics to provide the River Valley with advanced spinal ligament testing via Computerized Radiographic Mensuration Analysis (CRMA). CRMA allows medical professionals to more accurately and reliably determine the problem areas of the spine. Finally a way to objectively evaluate soft tissue/ligament injury and accurately determine treatment! For more information go to the "Patient Education" section on our website and read the information under Spinal Sprain in Conditions Treated.