Fruit and Type 2 Diabetes

Convential wisdom recommends against fruit consumption for type2 diabetics, the concern beingthat fruit would have a negative impact on glycemic control. A study published in 2013 indicatesfruit consumption might not have an impact. This was an open randomized controlled trial with two parallel groups. The primary outcome wasa change in HbA1c during 12 weeks of intervention Participants were randomized to one of twointerventions; medical nutrition therapy + advice to consume at least two pieces of fruit a day(high fruit) or medical nutrition therapy + advice to consume no more than two pieces of fruit a day (low fruit). All participants had two consultations with a registered dietitian. Results:The study population consisted of 63 men and women with newly diagnosed type 2diabetes. All patients completed the trial. HbA1c decreased in both groups with no differencebetween the groups. Both groups reduced body weight and waist circumference, however therewas no difference between the groups. Conclusions:A recommendation to reduce fruit intake as part of standard medical nutritiontherapy in overweight patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes resulted in eating less fruit.It had however no effect on HbA1c, weight loss or waist circumference. We recommend that theintake of fruit should not be restricted in patients with type 2 diabetes.Source: Christensen et al. Nutrition Journal 2013, 12;29.